Kite Player

Kite Player 1.0.3

Simple, basic app for watching Internet TV


  • Easy to use
  • Many channels to choose from
  • Channels classified into categories


  • No extra features
  • Finding interesting content is difficult

Very good

There are many apps to watch online TV for free, and KitePlayer is just another on to add to the list.

This basic Internet TV app lets you tune in to hundreds of TV channels from all over the world. They're classified in categories according to their topic: news, sports, educational, entertainment, movies and more.

The problem with KitePlayer, as with all Internet TV apps, is that not all channels are available, and some of them are not exactly what you expected. Finding interesting content is pretty much a question of trial and error, which can end up being a bit disappointing. Plus, the program doesn't include other extra features that you can find in similar tools, such as being able to record the stream or to add new channels to the list.

In any case, KitePlayer is simply one more alternative to try out if you're searching for the perfect Internet TV app.

KitePlayer lets you watch hundreds of free online TV channels for free, covering a wide range of countries and topics.

Kite Player


Kite Player 1.0.3

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